Mary what have I done?
Jesus can you save me from myself?
Holy water, holy water
spare me a drop from heaven
let me taste the good side again.
Im a dreamer
Im a sinner
Would you judge me,
If I said I was born to live this way?

He became my art

I wasn’t only fighting myself
I was fighting him

We where lovers, but I fell in love
Black roses
in the garden in the hills
He said the beautiful darkness reminded him of me
I had demons
Made it hard to control all evil
It killed me that he was doing better then me
My weakness
lost every beating

He was everything I wasn’t
He was nothing I wanted
But he was everything I needed

I was in love with him.
I was in love with an american man.

I never slept good next to him
it was my grave
buried alive in pain
He became my fever
I was fighting his infection

As art was my addiction,
he became my ART.

My heart was black

My heart was black
I was in war with who I was
Wild flowers in my garden
Where black roses grew

Hands clean
Body bleeding
I was ripped in pieces

So I danced
For me it was art in a way
All i wanted was to entertain
My heart was black
My war never had an end
I started off in heaven
I got pushed down to hell

Bad woman

When I was a little girl
I used to sneak out in the dark & sit there for hours and hours,
smoking stolen cigarettes & I watch the stars fall across the sky.
Every star had a different dream I wished upon.
But I had one particular dream I constantly ended up repeating.
That dream has now become my present.
But I got fucked up along the way
I kept choosing the wrong fucking men
But I was born to live this way
to have this life
to love to hard every time
I was born to become a bad woman.

Feared love

I feared love
I didn’t believe I could meet any good man in life.
I didn’t trust no one.

I feared myself
I feared human kind.
I gave up on life.

But life is beautiful now.